It always is a bitter feeling when people look down on you. It can be so bad that you would get to the point where you start to question your self value.

Sometimes It Gets to You

I personally experience being bullied and belittled by other people. The sad part is that it happens outside and inside my home. I could not get the peace that I want that I would rather stay outside the house and go home at bedtime. That way, I don’t have to deal with those people at home. The people that I am talking about are not members of my family. They live with us but they are not family. I don’t really want to expand more on this, but it is what it is.

They talk too much behind my back and there are times that I could hear what they are talking about. And if it was about me, they would mock about me being single in my late twenties while others, my age, are getting married. Like duh! They would laugh about me being grumpy because I don’t have a boyfriend. Seriously? I got problems that makes me grumpy. Geez! And they always had something to say about my looks, my dress, and all. They are too full of themselves that they would mock at how ugly I am. I know I shouldn’t be mad. But sometimes, I get irritated by people who call others ugly when they look awful themselves, like seriously. Anyway, I learned to laugh it all out.

When you hear negative things about you, sometimes, it just gets to you. I’m not always in a good mood, or the circumstances is not always in my favor that I can’t​ always laugh or shrug it off. A person can only take so much.

Falling into the Trap of Negativity

When it gets to me, I often fall into the trap of thinking poorly about myself because of the things that were said about me. I succumb to self pity. I would feel hurt. I get mad. I want to get back at them.

It is tough to remain composed when emotional turmoil starts within me. It affects me emotionally and psychologically. I tend to forget who I am. I think this is a dangerous thing. The negative effect can be self destructive. I have developed social anxiety because of this.

Compose Yourself and Be Formidable

I watched tons of inspirational videos on Youtube. My favorite one is a video of Salma Hayek wherein she talked about bullying. She said that the problem is not the person getting bullied but the one who bullies. They may have experiences in their life where people surrounding them belittle them, telling them they are not good enough. So, in order for them to feel better of themselves, they would put it out on others, looking down at them and belittling them. They think that by putting others down makes them above them. And it makes them feel better. Bottomline is that it is not you, it is them.

Now, when you are on other side of the road, the one getting mocked, looked down, and belittled, you have to remind yourself of who you are. You are not what they say you are. I know it is easier said than done, but you have to be formidable. Otherwise, you would fall into the trap of negativity. People will eat you up. This is a cruel world.

Now, if they mock me because I don’t have a boyfriend, so what? Yes, I don’t have a boyfriend, anything else?

If they mock me because they find me ugly, okay, that is their opinion. I work hard to lessen my acne scars with diamond peel and etc. I may not have a perfect skin, but, to me, I look decent and that is what  matters. And if make up is edible, I would give it to them for free (If you know what I mean).

What bothers me, though, is that there are people who have the audacity to call others ugly when they do not look that good at all. Geez! Realistically speaking, for me, confidently beautiful people would be apologetic to call others ugly because they know they are blessed with good looks and others are just unfortunate. It would be a shame to do that. It is like adding insult to injury. I mean, come on!

It is not easy to be mocked, so it is wise to stay composed and be formidable. Life will not stop when people say you are like this and that. Words are powerful, no matter how meaningless one may say against you, if you let them in, it can negatively affect you. Always stay on track and never forget who you are. That will be your shield.

Have you experienced being mocked? What did you do to cope up? Share your thoughts on the comment section below. I would love to hear what you guys did to maintain your composure, as well as how you handled those who said bad things about you.