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"Uncertainty Forever Lies…" – Mariah Carey



My Life is Mess

Nothing is ever going right in my life right now. Good thing I was able to solve emergency issues at work.

But my life is pretty much empty outside work. Single. No boyfriend. No luck. I am in my early 30s.

I want to travel instead, but I am too afraid to travel alone. If I can only do it once, then maybe I can do more in the future.

People tell me to pray my hardest so God would send that special someone for me. I never believed in that, but I met this wonderful individual. It was an unexpected meeting. I started praying. Almost, but not quite. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I just have to let it go.

I wonder what life is in store for me. I stay at home for the most part. The only thing positive is my work. I have the money to do what I want, but I am too scared to go out there. I am a mess! My social anxiety is killing the hell out of me!

I remember my sister told me I deserve to live alone because I don’t want to be around people. I have social anxiety, for Christ’s sake!

Life is hard for people like me. It is a torment. ūüė¶

I wonder if God is looking down at me. I’m here, Lord. Don’t forget me!


I Am So Back!

The very first posting I’ve had was still in 2015. I just had a lot of things going on for me. It’s not like I was busy doing all the stuffs in my life. There are those moments that I just prefer doing nothing and just thinking. And then I realized time has passed and I didn’t really got to do something.

I don’t know if you guys had the same experience. It seems sort of like my¬†excuse for being lazy. Haha! I know! I love writing, but sometimes, it pains me to sit and think of ideas. Thinking about that, I’d rather sit back and do nothing. Yup. I know. Terrible.

I truly hope for things¬†to change this year. I would want to fill this blog instead of keeping it all in my brain. Sometimes, it drains you to the point that you’d feel physically weak.

Anyway, enough of that. Please look forward to my future posts. Leave comments if you want to. I would be glad to get to know new people online.

The Start of 2015

Hello everyone. First off, I’d like to welcome you all to my blog. I think it’s been one or a couple of ¬†years since I created this site. I wasn’t able to start posting my articles as I had been very busy with work.

I am the kind of person who thinks a lot at times and I use writing as my therapy. Initially,this is why I decided to put up this blog. Now, it’s pretty much for the same purpose, but I would like to just feel the freedom of saying things out loud.

Anyway, this post is a brief introduction for me to welcome you all. Please anticipate the things that I’d be sharing in here. It would be most about personal life wherein you and me¬†could be going through. We could all¬†reflect¬†on it and I hope it would send a message that anyone out there is not alone of whatever he/she/you¬†are going through. Until then…


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